Join us this Summer for our UNITED Summer Series, Healthy & Whole.

One United Service at 10AM, one summer long series on the fruit of the spirit. — Every Sunday during summer we will walk you through how to possess each fruit and maintain a Christ centered life. 

Galatians 5:22


**One service at 10AM — all summer long: May 30th – August 1st**


Summer Guide

We created this Summer Guide to help you continue to grow spiritually throughout this season. It contains our weekly Community Events & our STEP Guide.

Community Group Events

During the summer we want to remain connected! We have put together weekly community gatherings each week of the summer. These fun events vary from family movie nights, to group hiking and much more!

Each week we will have different events going on for you or your family to jump into and join! You can simply press the button below to register for any of the events

Week 1 —–

·  Saturday, June 5th 8:30 – 11AM 
Community Outreach: Packing Food boxes (SERV, Food Local)  
Facilitator: Valerie Fletcher
Week 2 —–
·  Friday, June 11th at 8 PM 
Outdoor Movie night at Thrive  — Facilitator: Thrive Chapel
Week 3 —–
·  Saturday, June 19th, 9 AM – 4 PM
Day trip to Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden — Facilitator: Lorna Little
Week 4 —–
·  Saturday, June 26th at 10 AM
Group hike, Pine Mountain in Cartersville — Facilitator: Joanna Billy
Week 5 —–
·  Friday, July 2nd at 6:30 PM
Snowmies in Downtown Woodstock —- Facilitator: Valerie Fletcher
Week 6 —–
·  Sunday, July 11th at 2 PM
Craft Day, Amphitheater Field Downtown Woodstock — Facilitator: Natalie Sarallo & Tammy Largin
Week 7 —–
·  Saturday, July 17th at 12 PM 
Group hike and swimming hole, Homestead Trail, Red Top Mountain — Facilitator: Caden Jazdzyk 
Week 8 —–
·  Saturday, July 24th at 7 PM
Sand Volleyball, Bridgemill Neighborhood Park — Facilitator: Caden Jazdzyk 
Week 9 —– 
·  Thursday, July 29th at 7 PM
Snowmies in Downtown Woodstock — Facilitator: Joanna’s Life Group

Thrive Team Testimonials

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Pastor David & Mary Bemis have been with the church since the start, as previous pastors they have poured wisdom and truth into our church, always with love. We are continually inspired with the love they have for Jesus’ Bride, the Church.

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Natalie has been volunteering in Thrive Kids for a few years now, but recently joined the worship team over this past year. As she teaches in kids and leads us in worship, it’s always evident with contagious joy straight from the Holy Sprit. 

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Tiffany serves on our creative team and in Thrive Kids. Her presence creates a safe space of peace. She continually is here to show us the comforting trait of the Holy Spirit.

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Sydney displays for us a heart diligently after the Lord. Even in stressful seasons or circumstances she is patient and waits on the Lord for His deliverance and protection.

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After talking with Brent for only a few minutes you will recognize he is one of the kindest people you have ever met. His kindness is evident in everything he steps into, with honor wrapped in every conversation and towards every person. This is all because of his love and reverence for the Lord.

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Estevao shows us the goodness of God by his actions that reflect Who made him. The goodness Estevao attentively brings to everything is a direct look into his personal relation with Jesus

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It seemed fitting to have Kira for our Faithfulness video, but more than just being the church member who has been with us the longest, she is faithful to everyone and everything in her life. While having a full-time job, volunteering 3 times a week at church, and fostering two children on top of two she already has, she continually amazes us with her devotion to the Church and ministry to the Lord. Her fruits are a result of staying close and tender to the person of Jesus.

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Michelle serves in Thrive Kids with a calm and gentle attitude. Whenever you have a conversation, herrestful personality brings us to a space of transparency and tenderness, she attains this from the guidance of the Holy Spirit’s fruit of Gentleness.

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The way Marisa holds her composure with confidence in the authority of Jesus inspires us constantly. She trusts Jehovah Jireh, God our provider, with her every action. She is fully aware she can’t control anything except her response to people, her circumstances, and the Lord. We are thankful for Marisas demonstration of Self-Control and how we can trust the Lord no matter our situation.