SERIES DATES 1.5.20 – 1.26.20

January is a time of renewal, but so many of us fall short in our hopes before we really get started in pursuing them. Our new teaching series for 2020 will help us “reach within” to not only realize what God wants to do within our lives, but to understand we can actually reach the calling He has placed on our lives. Let’s make this year different from every other year and let’s exercise what God has placed within us to reach our potential.

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Part 1 - Sound the Alarm

1.5.20 – Sean Jazdzyk

Part 2 - Rend Your Hearts

1.12.20 – Sean Jazdzyk

Part 3 - Better Together Promises

1.19.20 – Sean Jazdzyk

Part 4 - Trapped in Transition

1.26.20 – Sean Jazdzyk

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