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As the new school year begins, our schedules can shift, routines are changed, and the transition can seem a bit unsettling. Imagine everything time consuming being a rock in your life. If we don’t put our “foundation rocks” in first, it can lead to a life of imbalance. Join us in August as we begin our new series, Balance, where we will learn how to prioritize our big rocks first to live a more prioritized life for the Lord. 

Health & Wholeness

Starting May, 30th we are kicking off our United Summer Series at Thrive Chapel! One United Service at 10am, one summer long series on health and wholeness, & one incredibly fun summer!

Every Sunday during summer we will walk you through how to possess each fruit and maintain a Christ centered life, healthy & whole.


Each Easter we survey you asking what sermon topics you would like to learn more about, and Spiritual Growth was overwhelmingly the top choice.  In the month of May, we will be looking at how to Cultivate; to develop and improve by careful attention, your spiritual life.  


Everyone loves a good comeback story. But without a setback those comebacks wouldn’t be possible. Because we live in a broken world, you will experience problems, trials, difficulties, losses, or failures. You might be in the middle of a setback right now, but with God your comeback is always greater than your setback.


Easter 2021

Join us for our most anticipated weekend yet! This year we will walk you through what the Easter weekend looked like for Jesus. Friday we will celebrate Good Friday as we walk through the Garden of Gethsemane. Saturday night we will remember Jesus in the grave with an intimate time of prayer. Sunday we will celebrate His Glory and His resurrection! 


home·stretch – The part of a course between the last turn and the finish line. Welcome to the home stretch of Beyond. We have prayed, fasted and believed for this specific time. Now is the time to prepare our church family for our church home. “Beyond” is an opportunity, a calling to contribute in a way that is rare but so significant. 
Ephesians 3:20 NAS

Built to Last

Relationships aren’t always a walk in the park. Whether that’s with a spouse, a family member, friends or even at church. The Lord has called us to build foundations on solid rock for when times of difficulty hit, the relationship will last. 
Join us for our new series “Built to Last” this February!
Let’s build relationships that are meant to last, let’s build relationships on a rock.  
Matthew 7:24


Have you ever heard the saying two is better than one? This is not only a saying, but it is stated in scripture. Ecclesiastes 4:9 tells us TWO is better than ONE. When one falls down, the other one is there to help pick you up. Join us as we kick off 2021 with our new series “2>1”. The Lord has specifically called us to be in community in all things. Marriage, friendships, church, ministry, missions, and in everything else. Life is better together.

Gift of Peace

I think we can all agree on needing more peace in our lives as we wrap up this year of turmoil and uncertainty. We know this year has been tough for a lot of us, however we must remember that Jesus left us one of the greatest gifts, PEACE! 
Join us this December for our series “Gift of Peace”. 

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”
John 14:27


What if you discovered that God has the ability to do something that you previously thought was impossible?

God has called us to experiences BEYOND our understanding through a gifting that he’s already placed within our lives that will impact our Church for generations to come. Join us in November for this series as we look beyond these walls. 

Ephesians 3:20-21

Elephant, Donkey, & the Lamb

What if the candidate you voted for doesn’t get elected into office? No matter your political party preference, we’re all called to pray for those who oppose us. Will you still pray for those who stand to your right or to your left? This October series we’re going to look at how to steward our own heart and soul throughout this election season.

Did Jesus Really Say That?

Everybody has questions – about faith, the Lord, Scripture, spirituality. Well, other people do: obviously not you. So, we thought we’d take a few weeks to talk through some things people we know wonder about & wrestle with, from both inside and outside the church. And you get to eavesdrop.


Feelings of exhaustion, emptiness and irritation are signs that you could be drained, and you’re definitely not alone. We can probably all agree the past several months have us feeling bottomed out. Join us in August as we’re reminded in God’s Word that we are not alone and we need what only God can offer to renew our purpose, hope and strength.

Threshold of Scary

Have you ever wondered what the last days will look like? Will we be ready? Will we know when it’s coming?

Join us for our series “Threshold of Scary” where we will equip ourselves in learning how to lean into his word for guidance during the uncertain times. Let’s conquer and walk through the threshold with God on our side!

2nd Nature

SECOND NATUREnoun: An acquired deeply ingrained habit or skill.

Have you ever asked yourself what the habits or characteristics that you seem to fall back on or go back to? These are considered our “first nature”, but being in Christ has made us a NEW creation! We have been born again. The old, the sin, has been WASHED away!

Easter 2020

This Easter will be like one you have never experienced! This year we will be hosting our Easter Sunday service virtually due to the season we are currently in. We will be remembering when Jesus came to Earth and how he gave his life for you and I, then 3 days later resurrected from the grave to join his eternal father in heaven! Let’s gather online, worship together, and be reminded that HE is RISEN!

Good Friday 2020

This year Pastor Sean will symbolically be having the “last supper” as Jesus did on Good Friday. Grab your family and let’s gather online as HIS Church andremember the importance of this day and hear Jesus’ promises.

All Out

Mark 12:30 – “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and with all your strength.” Our new series “ALL OUT” will teach and encourage us how we can give our 100% in all areas of our lives. Let’s be challenged to not only be hearers of the word but doers of the word. Let’s actively pursue what “All Out” will look like in our lives. Making a difference begins with you!


According to the laws of aviation bees should not have the ability to fly. It’s wingspan is too small for the size of its body, but we have all seen them take flight. What is scientifically impossibly for the bee is a phenomenon that the bee has overcome. As humans we can learn from the flight of the bumblebee, we can rise above what we see as impossible, fulfill our purpose and believe in our limitless God!

Within Reach

January is a time of renewal, but so many of us fall short in our hopes before we really get started in pursuing them. Our new teaching series for 2020 will help us “reach within” to not only realize what God wants to do within our lives, but to understand we can actually reach the calling He has placed on our lives