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What is Beyond?

It’s an opportunity… a calling to contribute in a way that is rare and significant. We have a bold and courageous vision, and as each of us practice obedience by returning to God part of what He has given us, we have the potential to see thousands of lives changed forever.

Our Timeline

What we may not know as of yet, is where our next church home will be. But what we do know is how to get there, so let’s begin now for that day. Our current lease expires in January 2022; that gives until the end of 2021 to finish preparing for what is beyond our current church space. 

Our primary goal in accomplishing this vision is not a numerical total, but rather 100% participation of our church in filling out a Commitment Card. Our Generosity Initiative Team has been meeting since 2019 and will present a series of Pathfinder Gatherings to help invite others along this journey:

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Home·stretch – The part of a course between the last turn and the finish line. Welcome to the home stretch of Beyond. We have prayed, fasted and believed for this specific time. Now is the time to prepare our church family for our church home. “Beyond” is an opportunity, a calling to contribute in a way that is rare but so significant. – Ephesians 3:20 

Pathfinder Events

Sunday, March 14 & Sunday, March 21 – Following the 11:15 Service 

Join us at our Pathfinder Gathering to learn more details about the Beyond Generosity Initiative and how you can unite with us for the future of Thrive Chapel. 


Lorna Little

Lorna sits down with Tara Jazdzyk and speaks about her tithing testimony & how the Lord continues to be faithful as we show up for Him. 


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